Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club

2015 Queens

2015 Show Season Summary

June 12, 13 and 26, 27 shows were canceled. In the 5 days prior to June 12 & 13th shows rainfall was 1.59” with 1.15” falling on the 11th. In the 5 days preceding June 26 27th shows rainfall was 2.14” with .49” falling on the 26th.

Queen contest not held Kayla Carolan named Jr. Queen, Bethany Nelson Sr. Queen

July 10 and 11
Friday: Nice weather, good footing. Saturday: .02” rain before the show started then was a good weather the rest of the day. July 10: 42 games horses, 224 entries; July 11: 29 pleasure horses, 156 entries

July 17 and 18
Heat index warnings kept many people away. There were 39 games.horses, 258 games entries; 25 pleasure horses, 135 pleasure entries. Kayla Carolan won the Youth Horsemanship Buckle.

August 7 and 8
Beautiful weather. 205 games entries, 41 horses; 184 pleasure entries, 41 horses.

August 21 and 22
Beautiful weather, a little windy so hats were optional. Highpoint timed events: Jean Schaefer. Highpoint judged events: Andrea Schrage. 237 games entries; 46 horses 171 pleasure entries; 38 horses.

2015 Board

President: John Schreck, Vice President: John Wagner, Secretary: Jolene Carolan, Treasurer: Connie Taplin, Membership: Cindy Paige, Reporter/Points: Kris Brimm, At-large: Bep Noteboom, Jane Cyphers, Karen Greene, Arnell (Burch) Ernst, Deb Nieman, Jerry Williams