Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club
winners group picture

2010 Show Season

smiling exhibitor

June 11 and 12 -Show Chair - Louie Bouchard, Soo Greiman, Jane Cyphers
June 12 rescheduled to September 11. Judge Jill Paxton

June 25 and 26 Show Chair - John Schreck, Jolene Carolan, Sheila Petry
Junior Queen - Meridith Williams; Senior Queen - Bethany Nelson

July 9 and 10 - Show Chair - John Wagner, Kris Brimm, Rachael Lampson
Youth Horsemanship Buckle to Bethany Nelson

July 23 and 24 - Show Chair - John Walker, Kathy Krukow, Peg Bettis
Shows rescheduled to August 14 and 15

August 6 and 7 - Show Chair - Connie Taplin, Bep Noteboom, Cindy Paige

Hi-point adult timed – Lisa Starn: Hi-point adult judged – Crissy Lenth

2010 Board of Directors

President: John Schreck, Vice President: John Wagner, Secretary: Jolene Carolan, Treasurer: Connie Taplin, Membership: Cindy Paige, Historian: Rachel Lampson, Reporter/Points: Kris Brimm, At-large: Bep Noteboom, Louie Bouchard, Soo Greiman, John Walker, Jane Cyphers, Kathy Krukow, Sheila Petry, Dave Sweeney, Peg Bettis, Jerry Williams.